overnight rates

1 Pet Family........36 Per Night

2 Pet Family........54 Per Night

3 Pet Family.......72 Per Night

4 Pet Family.......90 Per Night

***21 nights or more = 15% off total bill***             ***Pets in separate suites = 36 per pet***


Prices are based on each overnight stay. You may pickup your pet anytime during operating hours. Deposits may be required during holidays. Make reservations early for holidays.

additional fees

Medication Administration..........1.00 per day

Hotel Provided Food.................1.00 per day

Nails Trimmed..................8.00

File Nails.......................... 8.00

Exit Bath..........................................15.00 - 35.00

Here at Plano’s 4 Paws Inn, we have a spacious indoor air conditioned/heated facility. There are 33 loft style suites built inside. These suites are 4ft x 6ft with 5½ ft high concrete block walls that are private for each pup. Each suite has a wrought iron gate door that allows your pet to watch his neighbors, and is also a very secure gate that even the smallest Chihuahua cannot slip through, and the biggest Great Dane cannot knock down. If you have a high jumping doggie, let us know and we can put a roof over their run.

We have a back yard that has an 8½ ft. fence, so your pet will have time to get down to business. It is definitely not an acre of land, remember we’re not in the country, but our back yard absolutely serves your dog’s needs. There is also a big yard on the side of our building that is not fenced in yet, but makes an excellent area for us to take you’re dog for a walk. Just let us know if you'd like that done!

We give at least 3 potty times per day, and include hours of play time for all of our social friends! We recommend that you bring your pet's food that he or she is used to, but we do offer premium dry food at a small fee of $1 per day. If your pet needs medication, we will stick to your schedule for administration.

We (the owners and many of our staff members) live within 5 minutes from the kennel. It comes in handy to live close, especially when a sudden night-time thunderstorm pops up, and we need to run over to comfort the occasional dogs who HATE storms.There has been a number of times that we have been at the kennel in the middle of the night during some big storms, making sure that all is well.

Our goal is to make sure every dog's tail is wagging. If there is a dog who appears scared or timid, we will do whatever it takes, until we can see that he/she is feeling more comfortable. We will also communicate to you how your pet's boarding experience was. We really feel that we give the best personalized care for your pet, and we have some VERY good people working to help us accomplish our goals. We also feel that play and socialization time is very important for your pets. We personally do not like seeing dogs having to stay in their runs all day long, therefore every dog gets their play time as well as outside time. As I see other kennels charge extra money for play time or walks, we DO NOT. Play time is VERY important!.