Going out of town? Your pup will be in very good hands with us during their staycation. We’ve been in the business for over 20 years, and have had that time to perfect our routines to ensure a safe stay for your beloved pups! All of our staff members are well trained and seasoned in the animal care profession!

Play naked, fire safety, wind down for nap time, aisle spacing, no crates during naptime, most of our time is spent inside to prevent overheating, spread of germs and illness, we use tried and true materials that are sturdy and sanitary.

We have tailored our play to accommodate for large and small breeds, long hair and shorthair, smooshy faces and pointy noses. All of these characteristics have been taken into account to make sure their stay with us is enjoyable and safe for your pet.

We max out at a manageable number of dogs and will not take hundreds of dogs. We believe smaller is better. We aim to make your dog’s visit very personal, and hope to make them part of our family.

backyard has an 8.5 foot fence, concrete for cleanliness.

Sleeping Quarters:

Each guest or family of guests will get to stay in a 4 foot by 6 foot dog run. They are very sturdily built to withstand anything a pup can throw at them.


Doggy Itinerary:

about the run how its built cleaned and safety and some of the procedures best value for money

overnight rates

SIMPLE-SafeSuite 36 18 = 54

The SIMPLE-SafeSuite is for the budget conscious, down to to earth Doggie. Bring your own bed or use our cushy fleece blankets. Sociable dogs get hours of FREE playtime included

FAVES-SafeSuite 42 20 = 62

The FAVES-SafeSuite is our most common boarding upgrade. Get a elevated comfy Koranda brand elevated bed with plush comfy topper. Sociable dogs get hours of Free Playtime included

SPOILED-SafeSuite 46 22 = 64

The SPOILED-SafeSuite upgrade makes your pups stay senstational especialy for foodie in the family. Get Koranda brand elevated bed with cushy pet

Food Basic 2 Premium 5

Medication 1 pet

Going Home Fresh Bath

Peanut Butter Yogurt Frosty Paw

Nails Trimmed..................10.00

File Nails..........................14.00

Exit Bath..........................................15.00 - 35.00